Peergos - your private online space

You can think of Peergos as a cross between Dropbox, email, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, but fully end-to-end encrypted and decentralised to keep your data and social graph private.

Peergos is a peer-to-peer encrypted filesystem with secure sharing of files designed to be resistant to surveillance of data content or friendship graphs. It will have a secure email replacement, with some interoperability with email. There will also be a totally private and secure social network, where users are in control of who sees what (executed cryptographically).

The name Peergos comes from the Greek word Πύργος (Pyrgos), which means stronghold or tower, but phonetically spelt with the nice connection to being peer-to-peer. It is pronounced peer-goss, as in gossip.

WARNING: Peergos has had an audit by Cure53, but is still in active development. Some of the features in this documentation are yet to be imlemented, in particular, Tor is not used yet.


  • Securely and privately store files in a peer to peer network which has no central node and is generally difficult to disrupt or surveil
  • Secure sharing of such files with other users of the network without visible meta-data (who shares with who)
  • Beautiful user interface that any computer or mobile user can understand
  • Secure messaging, with optional interop with actual email
  • Independent of the central SSL CA trust architecture, and the domain name system
  • Self hostable - A user should be able to easily run Peergos on a machine in their home and get their own Peergos storage space, and social communication platform from it
  • Secure web interface as well as desktop clients, and native folder sync
  • Enable users to collaborate, editing a document in place concurrently
  • Secure real time chat, and eventually realtime video chat
  • Plausibly deniable dual login to an account, ala Truecrypt
  • Optional use of U2F for securing login